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Turn Events Into Experiences

A Radically Simple Solution
For Major Venues and Planners

Geogram XD turns your venue into a smart space.

We create a "digital twin" of your venue and turn it into a smart space, giving you and your clients unprecedented powers.



We start by creating a "virtual twin" of your indoor/outdoor venue so you can visualize it in 3D. We then add powerful new functionalities, like the ability to easily map your program schedule to the event space or provide attendees with amazing augmented reality experiences. In a matter of days, your venue becomes a "smart space," giving you and your clients extraordinary new capabilities with unparalleled benefits.


Save time and money. Make decisions quickly and easily by getting everyone in the same room at the same time, to design and experience the event virtually.

Improve efficiencies. Publish and update your programming schedule in real time to all user devices. Guide attendees to their chosen events and appointments with precise AR wayfinding.

Increase revenues.  Your virtual real estate is valuable. Integrate our AR content marketing capabilities and create new revenue streams for you and your clients.

Geogram XD can help you differentiate your services and grow your revenues while saving clients time and money.


Imagine the client, the event planner, facilities manager and floor designer, along with the programming, marketing and sponsorship and sales coordinators, all in the same room, at the same time. That’s what Georgam XD does, virtually, on any pc, tablet or smartphone, from any location.


Real-time collaboration 

Design in 3D with drag 'n drop ease

Log in to a scaled 3D model of the venue. Add structures. Design layouts.  Map your programming schedule to the locations where they'll take place. Everything remains in your virtual venue, always accessible from anywhere.

Preview the experience

Run simulations of the event and preview the experience from the attendee's point of view. Then go to the physical venue prior to set up and check out your event in augmented reality. Make last-minute revisions in real time. Get approvals fast.

Guide attendees

Publish the program schedule and updates in real-time across all user devices and guide attendees throughout the event with precise AR wayfinding.

Integrate AR content marketing

Design compelling AR experiences for attendees with our easy-to-use templates and tools. Deliver them on our standalone Geogram mobile app or through integrations with your existing apps.


Virtual Venue

We'll produce a "digital twin" of your venue or location and turn it into a “smart” space.

Software Integrations

We integrate geogram xd with your existing software applications so your experience is seamless.

Training & Support

We show you best practices and troubleshoot issues so you can focus on your customers.



We're a team of designers, engineers, scientists and executives who share a common belief: that by integrating the digital and the physical worlds, we can solve significant human problems. As pioneers who started creating AR VR for mobile users in 2011, before it was a thing, we’ve invented new technologies, validated astonishing new user experiences, and have evolved highly efficient methods and frameworks which others are only starting to figure out now.  We take a human-centered, design thinking approach and  invest in on-going R&D. Sometimes this leads to patents. But mostly it results in an ever-growing set of products and solutions that help our customers improve their business outcomes while advancing our mission to improve the quality and sustainability of life in the built environment, one place at a time.